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 Merritt Island Yoga

Yoga for hopetm

   Terri kim bowyer E~ryt500/Originator

​                Yoga Facilitator

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This program was developed to bring yoga to those who may otherwise be unable to get to the studio or gym!  The benefits of yoga have been scientifically proven to aid with anxiety, depression, ptsd, and helping us build strength, balance and flexibility.  the physical benefits include fall prevention, better circulation and mobility, building muscle strength and to have an overall brighter outlook on activities of daily living.  The mental benefits include easing and calming our minds with an overall sense of well-being.

At the core of this program is my driving passion to help others.  I believe a dedicated practice can bring healing to those experiencing trauma, physical and emotional duress and relief to the caretakers.

Yoga is used to heal the whole person, including nurturing the resident's emotional, spiritual, social and physical well-being.  This yoga program of gentle, restorative yoga has proven to have a profound impact on symptom management and quality of life.  The benefits of yoga for students/residents with life-threatening illnesses are experiences that unite the power of hope with the power of yoga.  Yoga teaches us to move through discomfort and pain with as much grace as possible.

Yoga for Hopetm is a way for people to experience the power of yoga in a supporting and caring environment.  Using movement, breathing techniques and meditation, these classes can be held in a group setting or private sessions.

It has been my humble honor to have been invited to teach at numerous assisted living facilities in Brevard County, the Wounded Warrior Project, Rockledge Regional Hospital and my private clients, of which have brought me great joy!